The Red Pyramid

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The Red Pyramid - Rick Riordan


The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan, is a book about two kids who find out they have magical powers from ancient Egypt. It begins with visitation day when Carter and his dad, Julius, go see Sadie, Carter’s sister, in England, and go to the museum which has the Rosetta Stone. Julius destroys the stone, releasing the gods of ancient Egypt, as Julius sinks into the floor. Carter and Sadie practice as magicians, but get kicked out as the gods possessed them. In the end, they defeat the god Set, but their father still dies.


I relate to the situation the two siblings, Carter and Sadie, are in with their parents. The story talks a lot about how the siblings lived apart their entire lives, and in how they envied each other’s lives. I live separate from my two brothers because I live with my dad, and they live with my mom. I can feel the emotion of the characters more intensely because I know what their story is like.


I would recommend The Red Pyramid to any fans of the fantasy genre or myths. The book has fun magical elements from fantasy stories mixed with the real grounding of ancient mythology and religion. On the other hand, it has well written deep characters that feel real, and their personalities are delectable (especially when they clash). If you come for the idea of the book, and for the fantasy, you will definitely stay for the characters.